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Life Of A Cross Training Disk Monkey

May Your Buildings Go Condo!

College Ruled Soup With Vegan Tofu
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This is a crazy place:

I wanted a Community that I could post random sayings. Make really weird entries. A place where I can be as random as I want. This is that place. If you want to make some dumb story, talk about craziness, or bitch about the softness of jagged rocks, here's where to do it.

The rules:

4) Posts should be random. This means random sentences, random words, random stories, random quotes, etc...

%) No Spam or Quiz posts unless they are random. (I.e. "What Type of Kiss Are You?" is a bad quiz, while “Which Member of Teen Girl Squad Are You?” is ok. But I would prefer if you didn't post quiz results.)

6) Pictures are ok as long as they are not copyrighted or boring (i.e. no vacation pictures, but if you just so happen to have pictures of you and a friend making-out while wearing Halloween masks, that's ok.)

Apple) finally, let's everyone be nice. Any mean spirited posts will be deleted. Any bastards try to make fun of anybody, or post "you're so stupid" or "I hate you" posts will be banned. If you have a problem with some one, fix it off-line. All we need is a LJ fight.

So everyone have fun with this community. I know I will.

This community is a separate entity for those who love to rock (and it also is moderated byrevbon22)